We are a group of queer friends based out of Minneapolis, Chicago and the surrounding areas of Wisconsin. We are queers that love to talk about cats, crafts, sex, food and our experiences as being trans, gender nonconforming, bi, queer and as people of color. We want to encourage people to think and talk about things that society deems inappropriate. We love answering questions so feel free to ask anything!

Xbox really wants me to download this game.

Remember when I had kittens for 2 days? That was the best.

Happy Valentines!


The cats


Minnesota Winter

Be careful on the roads out there folks, this was just spotted off of 94 outside of St. Cloud


Foggy Commute in #pdx

(via fuckyeahportland)

There’s less than 2 inches of snow in NY, and the governor is declaring a state of emergency and closing the long island expressway. Toto, we aren’t in Minnesota anymore.

These are great.

True love with oneself in Florida.

Big Ass Sandwiches. Meat coma.

We are ready for you New Years Eve! Bring it on.

tis the season

You know you have a problem on facebook when some six or so of the recommended pages are of celebrity cats…..and then usually like them….

If you eat the entire container of ice cream, you don’t have to get up to put it away.

If people ever get holiday blues, they should try dressing up their cats.